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New Moon Announcement

Good news of the new month...


Today is Rosh chodesh (the “head” of the month) Iyar 1st day Nisan. According to the Kabbalistic calendar, we celebrate the new moon and new cycle in Taurus.


We also count the Omer - the opening of a window of time within the kabbalistic calendar, where transformation affects every day and intense healing spreads.


In the journey of transformation, all calendars and cycles are valuable to us.


This means that we can all increase the illumination of light and goodness both in our own lives and in the lives of other people.


Figuratively, starting to leave behind the "heaviness of the Taurus", its stiffness and resistance, makes us more ready for the lightness and flexibility that awaits us with this new moon and eclipse.


The bright doors that will continue and develop especially in these weeks and throughout the year,

It also emphasizes their beginnings in the shamanic field. Yes! We can be nourished by compassion, peace and enlightenment.


All sources lead to the same place


We will begin to experience the time when all the puzzle pieces fall into the right place, both in the sky and on the earth.

This will awaken peace and balance in everyone.


We are in a period of time where warring parties can move forward in peace and partnership. We will be able to find a common path in many areas and places where we experience opposing energies (polarity).


This peace will be possible in every area where we experience the warrior nature.

To expect the unexpected, we can now take the unexpected step.


The whole universe supports us.


We will be more supported this week, and we will be able to call for more peace, unity and balance in our lives and those around us.


We will blow our lives one by one..


For example, this week, spend time in your relationships and bilateral relations and strengthen them. Fix broken things. Eliminate unnecessary argument and imbalance. Heal their resentments and resentments.


This is the announcement of the new month,

It's not a new moon text. Announcing the new moon means catalyzing the new moon into this area.

How the announcement is made is in the history of the temple; Those who read, heard, farmers and people who received the good news lived their month in line with this energy with the approval of this.


It is yours to take this seed and strengthen it, or to throw it away and continue.


Recall the judgments you made against the outside world just because of what you saw. Troubles call troubles. The truth is that nothing is as it seems; There is a cosmic order and a process behind everything.


Take down your cloak outside the darkness this month,

Intend to see the light within you.


Take ownership of your body and flesh this month.

Let your tongue do only the work of light this month. Let your tongue and your actions fast this month. Glorify your loved ones. Cleanse those you don't like from the poison of your tongue and mind.


Let your goal this month be just to be good. You will see the reward with love - it will come very quickly.


Be thankful for the roads that brought you to this place.


Chodesh Tov!

(May our new month be happy and beautiful)

Felis Kohen

Rosh Chodesh Iyar 1st day

Omer 15th day

Circle of Life with Felis Kohen

The Circle of Life© which Felis Kohen will hold space

will be starting soon.

The Circle of Life© is the sacred journey of transformation.
His life is no longer guided by wounds or fate,

life as original journey of starting the moon.

We create the world as we truly want it, in our own space and beyond.

I am happy to present you the circle of life.

This is a very powerful path of self-awareness, healing, and transformation.

The Circle of Life can be taken online or in person. It consists of a total of 5 directions in the form of 4 main directions and 1 intermediate direction. The duration of the main directions is 4 days, and the intermediate direction is 2 days. After each direction, an average of 1.5 months is required before moving on to the next direction. This period may vary depending on the situation of the group.

Click for circle of life information.

To register and for details you can contact via

@urbanshamansacademy instagram account or e-mail address.

Felis Kohen

Medicine Wheel with Felis Kohen

The Medicine Circle© which Felis Kohen will hold space

will be starting soon.

​ ​

The Medicine Circle is the school where those who have

completed the Circle of Life and want to continue on this

path are trained as Medicine Women and Medicine Men.

Candidates are trained with great care and seriousness.

By giving free individual sessions as "case studies" during the education process, they gain experience, serve and increase their wisdom. It is expected that 12 case studies per direction will be made and these studies will be reported in a format to be directed to the student at the end of each direction.

As a result of the completed case studies, the candidates take the exam and the successful ones start giving individual sessions and holding space for some of the other ceremonies they take at the Medicine Circle.

Applicants are expected to apply with a letter of intent stating their reasons for wanting to join the Medical Circle. The students who will start the circle accept that all intellectual and industrial rights of the educational content belong to Urban Shamans Academy, with a contract containing the content and conditions, and that they will keep any material provided confidential and will not share them with third parties or organizations.

Completion of all basic and special trainings is compulsory and is different from the trainings received in the Circle of Life.

To register and for details, you can contact @urbanshamansacademy instagram account or e-mail

*This Life Circle and Medicine Circle will be given together exclusively. Those who wish can take both circles together or join the Circle of Life only, or those who have done the Circle of Life before can only join the Circle of Medicine.

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Women's Circle with Felis Kohen

kadin cemberi - felis kohen

"Women's Circle" with Felis Kohen will take place soon.

This circle, consisting of a total of 4 directions, will last eight weeks and we will meet online. We will be together in this ancient space, where we will meet every two weeks and will last 2.5 hours. While working between meetings, continuous sharing will continue in the chat room. Each of the bi-weekly meetings will open the door to a different transformation.

- First Aspect: Empowering yourself as a woman, owning the wound, healing/giving birth, your mission in this world is to become a temple.

- Second Direction: Honor your cycles, step into initiates. (menarche, motherhood, wise woman)

-Third Aspect: Sacred potions, moon and menstrual blood rites, sacred sexuality, forms of healing for man (wife and/or lover)

-Fourth Direction: How to guide the women and girls around you, how to keep mourning areas, to take care of the temple.

(Note: The content may change with the dynamics of the group, meetings may take longer)

For reservation, appointment and fee information;
@urban.priestess.institution (Instagram) (e-mail)

Kabbalah & Nagual & Zohar Connection

Kabala Nagual Zohar

Our topics will be the connection of the Nagual and Kabbalah, the essence of God, the origin and structure of the universe, the nature of the soul, our evolution, the relationship between the ego and darkness, the "real self" and the "light of God/Goddess" and "universal energy".

"The depth of the wisdom of The Zohar is locked behind thousands of doors." 

With the meditations we will do every week and the Aramaic keys we will receive according to the subject of the group, we gradually open the doors, ascending from the roots of the tree of life to its crown. 

Participation conditions : 
• Willingness to transform 
• Being ready to face their shadow 
• Having a desire to have more light in your life 
• Being ready to work 

Note: Curiosity is not a valid reason to participate. Every week, the energy of that week is met. Our lessons continue with the workshops held over 2,5 hours and the homework given afterwards.  

For information and registration  @urbanshamansacademy


"I bow down in front of this cedar, from which I continue to feed on the science of the madrasa, without ever giving up as a student.

I borrowed it to share what I know. I'm about to meet on this journey I've set up to share the fruits of my journey that I started walking in my own mystery for a long time."


Felis Kohen

Guides' Circle of Life

Caner Öngay

Caner Öngay

Great Circle (Circle of Life + Circle of Medicine)

19 Temmuz 2024

Starts with the South - Water direction
Contact for details:

All content belongs to Urban Shamans Academy®, texts can only be used within the framework of citation rules.

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